July 13, 2006

Timmies makes me sick

Sad but true...I had a medium double double and a blueberry bran muffin today and felt sick afterwards. I distinctly remember feeling sick after having a double double in Toronto once... not sure what's wrong. It used to be my fave! Maybe I've been spoiled by Starbucks...after having one too many caramel machiatos.

So after not driving for 9 months, I'm quite relieved that I have not forgotten how! I just have to remember to not daydream at red lights. I had a really embarrassing episode today when I was waiting at the intersection for the light to turn green, not realising it already had. I saw all these cars drive by, then discovered that I was the only vehicle not moving forward. Thankfully there were no cars behind me and because this is Canada, no one honked. I quite like driving, though I hate having to drive the largest minivan in the world. It's so wide...parking's such a pain!

Jackie was here on a business trip earlier this week...I took her around Vancouver on the weekend. It was so lovely...and downtown Vancouver is surprisingly very walkable. On Saturday, we walked from Waterfront to Robson, to Stanley Park, then finally down Denman St. On Sunday we went to Capilano Bridge...it was quite expensive I thought, but very lovely. We spoke to some aboriginals there and learned quite a bit. There are 77 nations in BC but only 14 still practice their traditions. The man we spoke to was from the Haida nation; he said some of their old traditions were now illegal by international law. I asked if it was hunting...he said no, it's slavery! Also, apparently they are trying to get away from using the term "totem poles" - they want to call them "story poles" instead. We then had dinner at the Yaletown Brewing Co. That area's so nice...I want to live in Yaletown! Condos are ridiculously expensive now though :(

My grandma's 78 today! We went out for dinner to celebrate...it was nice to see all my relatives...the ones in Van anyway. My cousin is moving Calgary soon cos her gymnastics coach is moving there...she's so loyal eh! Hmm Calgary...I sure miss that city. The Stampede is on right now!


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