July 24, 2006

my dog is cuter than your dog

Fabulous weather = super hot. Not a cloud in the clear blue sky...twas gorgeous...BUT super hot.

Julie arrived late Thurs night...after sleeping in and being woken up by cute-as-a-button marshmallow, we made our way to Lonsdale Quay and had lunch by the water. Then I took Julie to Gastown to check out the steam clock and gassy Jack. After a stroll down Robson... wandering in and out of the many shoe stores, we had a yummy dinner at Zefferelli's.

We watched a beautiful sunset at English Bay... sigh I love sunsets! Esp when the sky is filled with a myriad of colours. How lovely is this: I like the silhouette of those biker dudes on the rocks.

We spent Sunday at Stanley Park. The tall, ancient trees provided shade for us and the gentle breeze from the water kept us cool...for a while. Then we turned a corner...and walked into the blasting sun. We wanted to take the shuttle back to the entrance, but had to walk all the way to Third Beach for the next stop. The view from the seawall was gorgeous though...it was my first time walking along it. I'm definitely coming back here to rollerblade and bike! We saw loads of people walking their dogs...none as cute as marshmallow though hehe.

It was great catching up with Julie...it's funny to think we've been friends for 6 years now! I keep saying this, but it's crazy how time flies!


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