July 10, 2006

back in van

Home sweet home! Got back a few days ago...suffering from major jetlag. I went from 8 hours ahead of London time to 7 hours behind. I'm not able to fall sleep til 5-6 am so I get out of bed in the afternoon. The trip was grand! I liked Thailand and China the best because it was my first time visiting those countries. Here is me hugging a cheetah in Thailand:

China was unbearably hot. Apparently in some cities if it gets to be over 40 degrees, people don't have to go to work. Unfortunately the weather is broadcasted by the government and they are not always honest. When we were in Xian visiting the Terracotta Warriors which were amazing btw, we were told it was about 38-39 degrees C. Only later did we find out it was actually 42 degrees C!! The toilets were disgusting as well...only in five star hotels and really upscale restaurants can you breathe through your nose while going to the loo. Shopping was ok, my haggling skills improved lol. Talked to some people...I'm astonished that there are still people there who idolize Mao. We also went to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou as well as Beijing. Here's the Great Wall!

It really is a beautiful country with loads to see...however entrance fees are everywhere, and they're not cheap. The railway to Tibet just opened...I'd like to take that next time!


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