May 31, 2006

Goodbye London, Hello Singapore & Thailand

I left London almost two weeks ago; it was such a bittersweet goodbye. On the one hand, I was fed up with work and the transport system. Buses were slow and half of the tube lines weren't working; they're actually closing down the Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line for the entire summer, can you believe it?! I seriously don't know what's going to happen in 2012 when London hosts the Olympics, they can't even handle the traffic now! On the other hand, it was sad to say goodbye to my home for the past two years and the good friends I had made. I miss the theatre, west end and fringe, musicals and plays. I miss the restaurants I had grown to love. I couldn't stay there forever, but a little longer would've been nice.

Packing was such a pain, I threw out garbage bagfuls of stuff and donated what I could. I had a goodbye dinner with my flatmates which was nice, and on the last night I went out with my closest friends for dinner and some comedy. The last act was actually a Canadian which was kinda funny.

So I hopped on a plane and 13 hours later, I landed in Singapore! It's so hot and humid here, I think I would die without A/C. Since we've been here many times before, we didn't really do anything touristy. I actually celebrated my first birthday here, many years ago. My aunt has a maid and I have to say it's been kinda nice being pampered haha. She irons all our clothes, I have to say this is the first time I've had my underwear pressed! The only thing we did besides shop (the Great Singapore Sale is on right now) was visit Sentosa. There's a lot of construction going on; apparently they're planning on building a casino there and they've almost completed the monorail. We went up the new rotating tower which gave a rather nice view of the island. The water was so clean compared to Thailand. Then we went luging, and watched the new '4D' film. It was really just 3D with special effects, like water, wind etc. We ate a lot of Singaporean food...a lot of seafood...and drank Singaporean tea (condensed milk is added instead of milk and sugar).

My parents and I flew to Thailand last week. Our trip started out a bit rocky as there were some miscommunication regarding our tour, but once our guide was sorted it was smooth sailing from there. He was really nice, he'd pick us up at 8 in the morning and stay with us until 10 or so if we decided to watch a show or go shopping in the markets. We saw all the main sites in Bangkok I'd say. The Grand Palace was gorgeous, it was ALL glitter and gold. There, we saw the Emerald Buddha in Wat Phra Kaew. Wat is Temple in Thai and we saw a few others; Wat Arun was quite interesting, we saw the Golden Buddha (don't remember what it's called) and Wat Po which was probably my favourite. The reclining Buddha was huge and quite impressive. My guide told us that different poses represent different days of the week. We saw one with serpants above the Buddha's head, I can't remember if that one was Saturday or Tuesday though... We took a boat ride down the Chao Phraya River and in the little canals where people lived, it was really nice.

On the way to Pattaya we stopped at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo where we saw a Tiger show. I kinda felt sorry for them, it reminded me of the movie Two Brothers which I recently saw. We also saw people sticking their heads into a crocodile's mouth as well as an elephant show. Elephants are so cute! We saw another elephant show at the Nong Nooch Garden which was also near Pattaya. I don't know how they were trained, but they could play basketball, soccer, throw darts, ride bikes, paint and dance! It was quite unbelievable...I got picked up by one with its trunk! Pattaya was nice though there's a lot of prostitution. We went to see Tiffany's which is a transvestite cabaret show. It was um interesting haha. We also took a boat out to Coral Island but it was not nice at all; the beach coast of Pattaya seemed much nicer.

Shopping in Thailand was pretty cheap, I didn't buy too much though cos the clothes I thought 'looked' cheap as well. We went to the Suan Lum Night Bazaar in Bangkok which was huge! Too bad we weren't there for the Weekend Market cos that's supposed to be awesome too. The food was quite good, and I had so many coconuts haha. They're only 20 Bahts each which is like 30p?!

Tomorrow we're flying to Taiwan. Supposedly it's even hotter there!


Blogger s said...

And after that, Korea, right? :P

7:46 AM  
Blogger sheryl said...

Aww I wish! Korea will have to be another trip :)

8:53 PM  
Blogger kimba said...

sweet you in asia .. so what are you doing when you get home to canadain soil ? life is boring here im in the process of applying for schools .. yeh kim is going back to school

11:12 AM  
Blogger kimba said...

yoda im going out to the west coast in august wanna meet up we could if you like to ? anywhoo have nice vaction ...

1:30 PM  

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