May 08, 2006


My flat has a rota for cleaning, and it was my turn this week. I zoomed around with the hoover and mop...wiped all the dirty surfaces...some which seemed suspiciously dirty for cleaning to have taken place just last Wednesday...hmm... Anyway I am done! Last time I will ever have to clean this flat.

My flatmates have already found someone to replace me...some aussie apparently. We already had two British in the house so they said no more...any other nationalities were welcome...and they wanted another girl to keep the balance as 3 girls-2 guys. They had quite a few people come see my room, cos in one of my flatmate's words, they didn't want to 'make the same mistake again'. Mistake meaning the One Who Lives Upstairs, henceforward who will be referred to as OWLU. OWLU moved in last fall bright eyed and bushy tailed...way too eager. He proceeded to get on everyone's nerves...perhaps it was the way he would try to crack jokes that just weren't funny...or the way he would say everything with an Italian accent cos he was there for a year...

I can't believe I'm leaving next Friday! So many things to sort through and pack... this will be the 8th time I'ved moved in 6 years.


Blogger kimba said...

8th time in six years wow thats carzy .... ive moved non going to now as so as i get a job here haaha .. anywhoo have fun with the packies

11:13 AM  

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