May 04, 2006

Bored at Work

There’s only so much monotonous work one can do before the brain gets frazzled. It’s such a beautiful day! I sat on a bench by the Thames during lunch, it was so lovely. Looking forward to tonight…Karen and I are going to Ping Pong for some Dim Sum before heading over to the Playhouse to see My Name is Rachel Corrie.

I took yesterday off to apply for my Chinese tourist visa; BUT the embassy was closed, which I didn’t find out until I got there. Most annoying. I took a rain check on meeting up with Sarah yesterday because I was in a rush getting to the embassy. I rescheduled coffee with my manager from yesterday morning because I thought I would be meeting Sarah and getting my visa. Sigh, it was such an unproductive morning. So I made my way over to Leather Lane and had my happy meal: orange/carrot/ginger juice with thai green curry. It cheered me up a bit.


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