April 13, 2006

welcome back fuzz!

fuzz is back and he's A-OK...so he seems anyway. For those of you who are confused, fuzz is my 12" iBook. I got him after graduating from uni and we have been inseparable ever since. I made him gurgle some water last week...not on purpose I assure you...he whimpered and passed out. Poor baby :( The screen went dark. I got all panicky, I hadn't backed up any of my files! I didn't learn my lesson when fuzz had amnesia last year! Also, this happened to my old cluncker of a laptop in uni...and the whole motherboard was destroyed. Apple advised me to take it down to a shop which I did and was told it would take up to 2 weeks.

Today I got a phonecall saying that the technician had a look at my laptop and he could find no fault with it. The screen was working again! I guess whatever was wet had dried up. Hurray! Though I am a bit wary...because the technician did not do a thorough examination...perhaps the real problem had not been solved. Oh well...I'm just glad to have him back! Life without fuzz is like life without music (I don't have a separate stereo so I play all my music on iTunes)...or TV (catching up on all my favourite shows from back home)...or connection to the outside world (guess this one's not really true haha)...


Anonymous Auds said...

Sherry!!! You are so funny. I do vaguely remember your old laptop 'gurgled' some water as well.

7:17 AM  
Blogger kimba said...

did it clean out his bad breath hehe ? hey bc is soo cold like a fricking scotish summer of 2004.. how are you these days staying going what are your plans ? im going somewere some time soon not going to be here for the summmer ill be dammed if iam hahaha ...

2:22 PM  

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