April 03, 2006

Scotland the Brave

Just got back from a week in Scotland. I decided at the last minute to do the 6 day Haggis tour. It was a great time...the scenery was lovely...we got to stay in a haunted castle one night. And I got to try the bagpipes! After finally figuring out how it worked, I managed to squeak out a note haha.

One of the first lochs we visited...the water is so still...I love the reflection in the water, it's a perfect symmetry.

This is Eilean Donan castle...used in the film Highlander. So atmospheric...it rained every single day...sometimes even when it was sunny!

The viaduct that was in Harry Potter!


Blogger kimba said...

hey nice you got to see the ahrry potter bridge !!!!!!! did you see the gelnfinnan monument to prince charile .. iw as going to go see it but it was the harry potter train and bridge or that so i figure illl see it one day lol .. also did you stay at carbisdale castle ? cool place .. who was your tour guide ? are you commin home in the summer or staying ?

12:52 PM  
Blogger sheryl said...

Yup I saw the Glenfinnan monument, got a pic of it actually I'll send it to you if you want! Castle was cool...my tour guides were Laura and Clare. Not sure what I'm doing this summer yet...do you have any plans?

9:19 AM  
Blogger kimba said...

yeh send it so much i want to see you can send it to the hotmail account if you remember it ! .. summer i know im not going to be here im undecided about what i want to do just work in good job and save money like crazy for whatever reason mmm .. did you get into school ? you look good in the pics by the way ! im off to vicfor a few days then hornby ... i miss the island no phone computer and other tech crap i dont need to haul along with me ... weeeh i got the canon sd 450 the other day great little camera hahha .. are you still working ?

9:21 PM  

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