April 26, 2006

My Plan

Tonight – double bill at Riverside Studios, which has become my favourite theatre/studio in London. Tsotsi is playing tonight and the producer will be there to host a Q&A after the movie!
Last night Chris and I went to see a Korean double bill – Old Boy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. They were both really good, though a bit shocking. Not like the Korean soap operas I have seen at all. We also saw The Exonerated a few weeks ago, which is a play about wrongly accused Americans on the death row. Danny Glover was there when we went, along with Sunny Jacobs who’s a real life exoneree. It was quite moving. Lots of celebs have taken part, Kristin Davis (Charlotte from S&TC) and even Alanis Morisette are going to be in upcoming shows.

This weekend – Switzerland! We’re flying down to Geneva early Friday morning, spending a couple of days there and around Lake Geneva before making our way to Interlaken. Can’t wait!

Next week – Apply for my visitors visa to China! That’s right, I’m leaving the UK (though who knows, I may be back)! My parents are planning a trip to Asia and I’m going to join them in Singapore when on the 19th of May. The itinerary then goes: Singapore-Thailand-Taiwan-China (Beijing and Shanghai). I’m quite excited! I’ve never been to China and I recently read Wild Swans, which gives a fantastic overview of what China was like in the 20th century. Thailand will be good too, fresh green curry mhmm. I head back to Vancouver beginning of July.

April 23, 2006


We decided to head down to Cornwall for the Easter long weekend. It was fab...and oh so lovely. We went with a tour group called Road Trip which I would recommend. It wasn't as 'fun' as Haggis but I guess there are more stories to tell ie. history, battles, Scottish characters, fairies, up in Scotland. We had loads of free time to wander around on our own which was good. Friday night was just sitting on a coach, the journey was about 6 hours or so.

Saturday was a free day; we decided to check out the Eden Project. Lots of pretty flowers and interesting plants including a pineapple plant which I had never seen before. We went on this flying zip thing which pretty much shot us across the park. We had our first pasties at the park...many more to come, esp for Chris haha.

We went back to Newquay and spent the afternoon shopping in the surf shops. I got a couple of shirts and a brown Animal bag which I love! All my purses seem to be falling apart so I was looking for a new one. That night we had a BBQ at the hostel and went to a local bar and saw a hip hop group from Long Beach, California called Ugly Ducklings (they weren't very good, but the group which opened for them wasn't too bad).

Taken in Newquay:

The next day we visited St. Ives where I took this awesome action shot of a dog running. I just love this picture, not sure why.

There were lots of little galleries which were all superb. Then we were dropped off somewhere and hiked a mile to Land's End. It was a beautiful walk. We went farther down and stopped at St. Michael's Mount. We walked across the causeway but had to take the boat back cos the tide had come in by then...

We stopped at Penzance, picked up some food and saw *drum rolls* Fame at the Minack Theatre! It was an amateur production which was still enjoyable though Chris was not too excited cos he said there was too much dancing. The theatre was gorgeous and right by a cliff so we were able to watch the sunset as the production progressed.

The next day we had to go back to London *sniff* but we stopped at Tintagel Castle for a few hours. It is supposedly King Arthur's birth place though he was born a few centuries before the castle was built.

April 13, 2006

welcome back fuzz!

fuzz is back and he's A-OK...so he seems anyway. For those of you who are confused, fuzz is my 12" iBook. I got him after graduating from uni and we have been inseparable ever since. I made him gurgle some water last week...not on purpose I assure you...he whimpered and passed out. Poor baby :( The screen went dark. I got all panicky, I hadn't backed up any of my files! I didn't learn my lesson when fuzz had amnesia last year! Also, this happened to my old cluncker of a laptop in uni...and the whole motherboard was destroyed. Apple advised me to take it down to a shop which I did and was told it would take up to 2 weeks.

Today I got a phonecall saying that the technician had a look at my laptop and he could find no fault with it. The screen was working again! I guess whatever was wet had dried up. Hurray! Though I am a bit wary...because the technician did not do a thorough examination...perhaps the real problem had not been solved. Oh well...I'm just glad to have him back! Life without fuzz is like life without music (I don't have a separate stereo so I play all my music on iTunes)...or TV (catching up on all my favourite shows from back home)...or connection to the outside world (guess this one's not really true haha)...

April 03, 2006

Scotland the Brave

Just got back from a week in Scotland. I decided at the last minute to do the 6 day Haggis tour. It was a great time...the scenery was lovely...we got to stay in a haunted castle one night. And I got to try the bagpipes! After finally figuring out how it worked, I managed to squeak out a note haha.

One of the first lochs we visited...the water is so still...I love the reflection in the water, it's a perfect symmetry.

This is Eilean Donan castle...used in the film Highlander. So atmospheric...it rained every single day...sometimes even when it was sunny!

The viaduct that was in Harry Potter!