February 27, 2006

Dance & Opera

Spent the weekend sick in bed. I managed to drag myself out of the house on Sunday afternoon and attended a hip hop class taught by Ryan Chappell! Apparently he is an international choreographer and has worked with the likes of Jamelia and Danni Minogue. He was an amazing dancer but it had been so long since I had been to a dance class, I had trouble remembering new routines!

Woke up this morning feeling a lot better but it got worse steadily throughout the day. After work, I took myself to see Wozzeck (my first opera!) at the Royal Opera House. I managed to get a seat in the Stall Circle for 10 pounds with the Travelex Student Special. It was very intense and the music horribly dissonant, but quite impressive. Especially at the end when Wozzeck (Johan Reuter) 'drowns' and is submerged under water for what seems like ages!

February 24, 2006

Chateaux Pics

As promised...here are pics from our trip to the Loire Valley...

the chateau we stayed at, it was so nice. Two dogs also lived there

in front of Leonardo Da Vinci's house

gorgeous chenonceau...

we found our way to the middle of the maze!

the biggest chateau Chambord! covered in snow...isn't it pretty?

James Blunt

Saw James Blunt last weekend! He's a brilliant live performer. The opening act was Jason Mraz whose name I recognise for some reason. He was really good as well.

James Blunt playing the piano and singing Goodbye My Lover. It was beautiful.

February 16, 2006


Valentine's Day...we went to a thai restaurant called busaba eathai in Bloomsbury. It was SO good! We had eaten there before, but this time we sat across from these Japanese people and we copied their orders. Busaba has large square tables which they seat people around, so you share a table with strangers.

We got some spring rolls which were a tad on the small side. That's the only thing I wouldn't get again. Tandon Chicken - marinated chicken wrapped in leaves with soy sauce. It was SO tasty. We also got spicy prawn fried rice and pad thai. The people across from us ordered this steak which we just might try next time. Easily one of the best meals in London...definitely at the top of our list with Mem & Laz. In fact I might go there for my birthday dinner!

We went to see Walk The Line which was pretty good. I've heard Carlene Carter's music before but didn't know she was the daughter of June Carter.

I picked up Ben's Cookies from Covent Garden which were yum. Chris drew me a picture of a stuffed animal he had given me..it was so cute! He also got me a really nice necklace which I love...but was a bit too big. He's going to exchange it, but I felt really bad. He ordered it online because he didn't have time to go to the store, but he said if he had seen it in person first he wouldn't have gotten that size.


8 legged creatures are starting to turn up in my room again! Ahhh it's still February and much too early! Thank goodness both times when I noticed these ugly things, one of my guy flatmates was home to help me get rid of them. Ugh!

8 more days til the project ends...I absolutely cannot wait! There's so much to do until then...including appraisal stuff. Oops I mean 8 working days, we've been keeping a countdown at work. So just under 2 weeks now. Actually, two weeks from today I'll be packing to go to Greece!

February 13, 2006

It is 1 am

But I don't feel like going to sleep for some reason.

Haven't blogged in a while...I'm still alive people!!

Egypt was fantastic...I'll post pictures soon. Chris and I went down to the Loire Valley a few weeks ago, it was so pretty. It actually snowed, which apparently only happens every 6 years or so. We got some great photos of the chateaux covered in snow. We actually stayed in a chateau which was lovely. Had some gorgeous food and discovered a love for Vouvray wine!

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things...Rach and I went to see a play called the Sugar Wife at the Soho Theatre last Thursday. On Friday I surprised Chris with tickets to Les Mis! I saw it 5 years ago in New York and it is still one of my favourite musicals. I grabbed some kleenex during intermission cos I knew I'd be sobbing by the end. Then on Saturday Sarah and I went to see a Buster Keaton film down at the National Film Theatre: Our Hospitality. On Sunday, we met up with Karen and Dan, had lunch at Mem & Laz (YUM) and rushed across town to Royal Albert Hall. We got tickets to see Allegria (Cirque du Soleil). It was really good; I can't believe how flexibile those gymnasts are!! Really, some of the stunts were unbelievable.

I have to watch myself though, because it's so easy to spend pounds in this city. And I have trips coming up! Well only one confirmed so far...we just booked our flight to Greece. We're going for 9 days in March which will work out better for both of us. My project will be done by then and he will have his passport. He had to get it renewed earlier this month and we were afraid he would not get it back in time. But they seem to be quite speedy.

My project is ending in two weeks!! Cannot wait, seriously. I have been too frustrated and stressed about this project for much too long. I need a break.