September 26, 2005


On Friday I went to 100% East with Karen after work. It was fun...some of the designs were creative, some were ok, some were grotesque. I liked Linde & Linde, Staple and the tape from rAndom International.

Had a wonderful weekend in the Cotswolds...Chris and I took the train to Oxford. Then picked up a silver Golf which we drove around Northern Cotswolds. The countryside was spaces, stretches of green, scatters of sheep. We started off in Burford which was really nice but a little too commercial. Too many cars on the high street...getting in the way of my wonderful photography. This was taken from a bridge in Burford.
Then we stopped in Bourton on the Water which was so quaint and so lovely...the river Windrush running through it...and the bridges.
We picked up the key to our B&B so we didn't have to rush back later that night. Then we were off to Stow on the Wold. It was nice but it wasn't my favourite. We stopped by a well...then the Four Shires Stone. In our guidebook it was described as "a striking 18th century monolith surmounted by a sundial and a ball. It makes the original point of conjunction of the counties Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire." Well, it was neither striking nor....monolithic. :/ Anyway from there we continued up to Chipping Campden, which was my favourite village. We saw the most photographed house...and photographed it some more.
Walked around and soaked up the loveliness of the village. We decided we wanted to see the Broadway Tower, even if it was just from afar. By the time we got there, the sun was already setting. On the way back to Bourton, we passed through the Slaughters. A night shot:
We didn't go for dinner til past 9, by then most of the restaurants had closed. The only place open was this Chinese restaurant...which was good, but we got too much. The next morning, after a quick brekkie we drove back to Oxford to return the car. Then hopped on a bus to Blenheim Palace in Woodstock.This is where Winston Churchill was born, and where he proposed to Clementine. The weather wasn't as gorgeous on Sunday, but we still saw everything. The Duke of Marlborough wasn't there so we got to see his private quarters. I really enjoyed it cos usually you only see the State Rooms which may or may not be decorated and most of the time it just feels like a museum. Walked around the gardens, then the maze which was supposed to be second largest in the world. We solved it in merely 15 minutes...the sign said it would take 25. Muahaha. Then we hopped on a bus back to Oxford, had dinner and took the train back to London. A lovely, lovely weekend.

Today I went into work at 9 right on the dot. And no one else was there to see it. Doh! My team leader leaves in 7 days...CANNOT WAIT seriously. I have so much frustration and pent up anger/resentment towards her. It's like this huge ass negative energy ball...sitting beside me at work. This Thursday is her leaving do...I'll be the happiest person there haha.

September 20, 2005

those electrical engineers...

Girl #1: I remember being really up in arms when we had to learn imaginary numbers in high school. I was like, "Why do I need to learn these if they don't even exist?" So my teacher at the time told me that they were pretty much the basis for all of electrical engineering, and that was a good enough answer for me.
Girl #2: Frankly, that's why I didn't want to go into electrical engineering. I'd end up with a whole degree based in something that doesn't exist. If I want degrees in imaginary things, I may as well major in unicorns. Maybe I could get a minor in fairy dust and cold fusion, while I'm at it.

overheard at western

Thames Festival

"It only takes a split second to take a photograph, but you've got the rest of your life to admire how crap it is."

I need to figure out how to use my camera...the night shots aren't turning out right and I want to take those special black and white pictures with one other colour.

Anyway I have pics! It's so great how blogger allows you to upload photos. These are from the Thames Festival on Sunday.

Flying umbrellas at the Night Carnival!

This may look like the Green Giant that makes peas and such...but it's actually a manmaid! or er merman? It has two tails.

Fireworks! Yippee!

A spectacular finale :)

It's a sand sculpture...isn't it amazing!

September 18, 2005

Come Out And Play

The Offspring concert was awesome!!! We got there a little after 7, already there was a huge queue that went around the building. The interior of the Brixton Academy was super nice, the sides were all lit up; I think it used to be a theatre. We were in the stalls which wasn't that big, and the floor was sloped so there was a chance of having an almost unobstructed view anywhere you stood. However as the concert progressed, my view deteriorated as we somehow ended up moving closer to the front where the floor wasn't so slanted and a few tall guys appeared out of nowhere.

The opening bands were rubbish, I don't even know who they were. But Offspring was amazing live! Dexter's got such a good voice. They played a lot of their singles...a lot of their old songs, and my favourites: Bad Habit and The Kids Aren't Alright! I was surprised they didn't play Original Prankster though. Here are a few photos I took:

September 16, 2005


Today was really cold. Fall is here :/

It's been a busy week...on Tues me and Sarah had coffee at Tinderbox. They have these airplane seats that are so comfy haha. It was nice to catch up as we hadn't seen each other in over a month! She plans to move to Scotland next month...I'll miss her!

On Wed I went with Chris to see a play called What The Butler Saw. It was playing at Hampstead Heath before it moved to the West End. Absolutely hilarious! The acting, especially the doctors (Malcolm Sinclair and Jonathan Coy), was superb. The ending was a bit strange got incestuous.

Thurs was karaoke at the Pint Pot...I hadn't been back there since last summer. Stopped by the hostel...and it looked different! Some painting had been done. So Sarah got to sing a song but mine was never called cos I didn't submit it early enough. Oh well, I was still coughing. Still AM coughing... *cough*

Just watched the season premiere of Gilmore Girls. SO good. I love that show! It's the only one I keep up with over here. I can't wait til Desperate Housewives starts up again!

September 12, 2005


I've decided that I'm going to be punctual from now all aspects of my life. I used to be known for being punctual! Not sure what happened. But I think it's important so I'm really going to make an effort now.

I was 20 minutes early for work this morning! I was so proud of myself :D You see, this has happened like...only once before! Of course, my boss wasn't there to see it cos she came in late. Dammit! Oh well...I'll show her. I'm going to be on time tomorrow too.

My team leader finally uttered those three little words I thought I would never hear...'I have resigned!' She has resigned! I was surprised of course...but I am happy for her. 'Work gets in the way of my reading' she says. She's sold her flat and plans on travelling and moving in with her mother. She'll only be there for four more weeks! Gosh, now we have to replace two people on our team. That's 50% of our team! I might get to help out with interviewing potential candidates, just have to come up with reasons why. On the downside, I will most likely be stuck on this project until it finishes. On the upside, our client expects us to finish by next February. Our original target was end of December. Frankly, I doubt we will be anywhere near completion by next Feb.

Exhausted...Back in London

One of my flatmates is turning 30 next week...she's an aspiring dancer/actor/singer. Really jolly, really great. But she was a bit emotional on Saturday night...especially after she had a few drinks. Along with flatmate M, we stayed up til 5 AM talking...she was dancing and singing. I had to drag myself out of bed at 2:30 pm on Sunday or else I would've slept the day away.

I finally saw the Notebook! I read the book last year and it made me delirious about love. There were major waterworks. The movie I thought wasn't as good. But the movie for A Walk To Remember was better than the may have something to do with Shane West though lol. Uhh Ryan Gosling just does not do it for me.

Last night I went to bed around 12 and woke up in the middle of the night. I thought it was around 5 or 6 o'clock, so when I looked at my watch and saw 3:30 I was shocked. I couldn't go back to sleep...not until 6. I was knackered the whole day...and for some reason my tummy wasn't feeling too well either. :'( Flatmate M gave me this mulberry drink which is supposed to help my stomachache and far it seems to be working!

September 09, 2005

iPod nano!

Maybe I have been out of the loop, cos I had no idea this was coming out! It looks really cool...smaller than the mini and way better than the shuffle! Comes in black as well. I have definitely missed my iPod mini; how simple it was to upload songs with iTunes, the click wheel...the nano even comes with a colour screen! It's making me re-think about purchasing another iPod.

For a while, I had been thinking about getting the Sony NWE-507. It's small, has 1 GB of memory, an amazing battery life (~50 hours) and an FM radio player. And it comes in a very pretty pink haha. But then I heard about the Sony Bean that's supposed to come out later this year...I guess the specs are all the same but it's much smaller and um cuter?

Decisions, decisions...

September 08, 2005

me and marshy

September 07, 2005

an old poem

It's funny coming across things that one has forgotten about...old photos, conversations, even poems! They really bring you back in time...looking back, things were so wonderful. Even though it didn't seem that way at the time...This was written by me in 2003.

Waiting for the words you're never going to say
Time is running out, soon I'll be far away
Will I ever know, do my feelings show
Is this it, will I really be okay

I know there's something more than what it seems to be
You can say whatever but you can't fool me
I'm not oblivious, cos it's obvious
You try to hide a part of you but I still see

Happy go lucky, you're never without a smile
So sweet and sincere, you'd like to stay a while
You are afraid, perhaps this shall fade
A friend you are to me but your number I can't dial