August 31, 2005

2 AM

and I am still up. I was really tired earlier but after talking on the phone became wide awake somehow. I'm still a big jetlagged...I get tired early in the night and wake up early in the morning.

Today I went down to a new factory outlet mall in Washington with my brother, mom and aunt. I love factory outlets lol...I miss the ones in California. Picked up a pair of pumas (had been looking for ages!), a pair of cords, a tank top and some underwear. Then we went to the nearby casino and had dinner at the huge buffet there! It was really yummy, but I wasn't too hungry.

My cousin's wedding this past weekend was lovely. She got married in the Dr. Sun Yat Sen garden. It was short and sweet; the reception was entertaining. My relatives from the states came up so it was great to see everyone.

I've had some yummy yummy food here in van! It's what I miss about this city...

I finally met Marshmallow!! He is ADORABLE!! Maybe I'll post some pics later...

August 21, 2005

Kensington Roof Gardens

Jo is here from T-dot! She slept over on Friday and we spent the whole night just catching up. On Saturday we went to Camden Market and got these clubbing shirts and bags. I was pretty happy with my purchases. Then I went to my hair appointment; I was getting highlights. It ended up being 3.5 hours long because they put in the wrong colour. I was going for more of a caramel but they put in red and couldn't change it. Oh well...I'll get used to it I guess. I never want to go back to that salon ever again.

We went to Kensington Roof Gardens which is a really exclusive club. Jo's friend managed to get us on the guestlist...we still had to pay for cover which was 20 pounds. It was really nice though, the garden was lovely. They even had a barbeque going on lol...eating burgers and sausages at a club. The music was good for a couple of hours, then it sucked for the rest of the night. I felt nauseous near the end...not sure why. I had less than a glass of wine! I'm feeling better this morning. Haha that was the first time I had gone clubbing in months!

August 18, 2005

Good Day

Today I stayed wide awake the whole concentration only faltered a couple of times. I had coffee in the morning...and tea in the afternoon. :) I'm really enjoying the course I must say...I wish I could take more! From talking/listening to other people, I have found that a lot of the frustrating things I encounter at work are pretty universal. Which means you probably can't escape them wherever you go...unless you are really lucky.

I went to Starbucks after my course ended and did some revision for tomorrow's exam. It's funny, I felt like a student again. Someone on the street thought I was a university student! I didn't want to go to my project's team drinks but was informed that they had placed a bet on who was most likely to not bother showing up! And everyone picked me! So I had to drop by and say hi...ended up staying til 10:30.

Going home, one of my colleagues who lives around the same area took the bus with me even though he hates it. He hates buses like I hate the tube. I was about to go upstairs when he looked at me, terrified, and said 'You go upstairs too?' I was like, 'uh no we can sit downstairs.' He's really tall so he had to slant his legs haha. 'Another reason why I don't take the bus.'

Too Comfortable

Sometimes I get too comfortable at home and forget my appearances haha. Like just housemate came home, and we were chatting...all of a sudden he's like
M: What's that on your face?
Me: huh? nothing
M: no, it looks like food!
Me: oh it's just cream.
M: no, it looks like skin or something!
Me: no it's cream!
M: no it looks like...
Me: it's pimple cream!
M: oh do you have a spot on your face?
Me: yes *exasperated sigh* you had to make me say it!
M: oh ha ha...sorry

August 17, 2005

Sometimes I DO like shopping in London!

Most of the time I just feel completely overwhelmed...which is odd cos I am such a shopaholic back home.

Today I was in a shopping mood, so I headed over to Tottenham Court Road after my course. I didn't even make it to Oxford Circus before the stores started closing. Man they should really stay open til later! I got a couple of good deals! Picked up this funky green skirt for only a fiver! It was originally 40 quid! I also got a plain cotton shirt from Mango for only 4 pounds. There are tons of sales going on right now...I hadn't really checked them out so felt like I was missing out! I might go shopping again this weekend.

Looking forward to shopping back home week from today.... :D

In Training

I had my first day of training today. My company is sponsoring me to take a business analysis course, which almost didn't happen because it took so long for them to approve it. By the time they did, the course was already full. They somehow managed to arrange it though...It was all very last minute, but I'm glad because I don't have to go into the office for the rest of the week. Yippee! It's pretty useful and very relevant to what I do. Everything we've gone over so far I feel like I understand and can apply to my current role. There is an exam on Friday. It's open book so hopefully it will be a breeze. I almost fell asleep a couple of times's the whole classroom setting thing. I drank a couple of coffees and managed to stay awake. Most, cross that out...ALL of the other participants are older than me. By at least 5 years. I guess I should just get used to it. I don't work with anyone my age...don't train with anyone my age. Bleh.

August 12, 2005

Less than two weeks...

'Til I go home!! So excited I am...cannot wait! :D

I have been so busy lately, I haven't even had time to check my personal mail. Now that is rare. Tonight I am taking some much needed rest...just chilling at home...watched two episodes of the OC. I am so addicted; I bought the first season on DVD and have been watching it whenever I can. I am now on the last disk and episode 25.

I got a brand spankin new virgin passport; it now has two stamps in it! I went to Copenhagen last weekend with Karen. This time I remembered everything, and I was super careful with my bag. It was a really nice city; we did practically everything there was to do lol. We saw two palaces which weren't that impressive...national museum where they had really cool prehistoric stuff...tivoli the great amusement park...christinia the alternative lifestyle place which was um interesting...we even went kayaking, but we had to do it in the rain. It rained practically the whole weekend, even when it was sunny. I had quite a few hot dogs...and danish pastries of course. So far I have seen three of the four scandinavian capitals; I think my favourite is Stockholm.

I finally saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...none of my friends would come see it with me, but Chris agreed to. It was his first musical in London lol. Tomorrow we're going to a BBC prom which is the greatest classical music festival in the world; a real british institution. I went to a couple last year, Yo-Yo Ma performed at one of them. This year I'm going to see Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Beethoven's Symphony No. 5. Next weekend I'm going with Rach to see Schumann's Piano Concerto in A Minor with a couple of other orchestral pieces.