June 26, 2005

tick tick boom

I had meant to lie in yesterday, but my internal clock woke me up at 8 am and I could not go back to sleep. So I got out of bed, ran a few errands and went to the Billion Dollar Babes fashion sale with Karen. It was ok, I didn't really find anything I liked but I had some free beer. Then we had lunch in chinatown and wandered around soho where we stumbled across a fruits and veggies market. I got myself some papaya and peaches...and a bagful of lindt balls.

Sarah and I went to see Tick Tick Boom, a musical written by Jonathan Larson who also wrote Rent. It was in a fringe theatre by London Bridge and there were only three people in the show, one of them being Neil Patrick Harris aka Doogie Howser. Ya I know, I never knew he was in musical theatre either but I was SO impressed, he has such a good voice!

On Friday I went to the kathmandu store where they were having a summer sale. After 1.5 hours of deliberation, I purchased a travel pack! I got the longhaul in the triple layer waterproof material. I LOVE it...it's got so many features. I can use it for the rest of my life. :)

I finally had a talk with my team leader, and it went a lot better than I thought it would. She complete backs my decision to move off the project. One of my colleagues is going on maternity leave in September, and as my boss is thinking about leaving as well, she wants to move me off the project soon so I don't get 'stuck'. The only thing is, there aren't that many opportunities in London within my company. And I really don't want to commute everyday to another city or town. I am still looking for other jobs, though it's difficult without fuzz. I had an interview last Thursday with a small company. They think I may be more suitable for another position that's open so I'm going to meet a different manager tomorrow.

On Thursday, me and Sarah went to Wimbledon!! We managed to get seats for center court; we saw the match between Andy Roddick and Daniele Bracciali. It was so AMAZING...truly an experience.

my baby is sick

fuzz is sick. It happened more than a week ago. I was busy doing my job applications online when all of a sudden the new lifehouse song I was listening to stalled and itunes froze. I had to reboot. And it happened again. The next morning I was not able to even start him up. So I made an appointment with a mac genius at the apple store and I brought him in. I explained the symptoms to the genius and he told me the hard drive was dying. I started to panic. I had not made a backup of any of my files, not even my travel photos. Would they all be lost?? It's a 50-50 chance, he told me. Luckily, I had purchased applecare when I adopted fuzz. Luckily still, I remembered to register him when I received the applecare kit.

Last time I checked (Friday afternoon), the data transfer was still in progress. I am optimistic. I hope my baby comes back soon!

June 13, 2005


Monopoly has been updated!! No longer do you get $200 for passing go...you get 2 million pounds! No more boots and top hats...they've been replaced by inline skates and mobiles. Goodbye to King's Cross Station which used to cost $200...hello to Heathrow Airport costing 2 million pounds. Hmm I don't even remember the old Monopoly...I'm sure everything was in dollars. There are also big changes in the Chance and Community Chest cards...you can make moolah by winning a reality TV show or be fined for talking on a mobile while driving. LOL! I want to get my hands on one!

Today was an ok day...for a Monday anyway. I got lost during lunch trying to find a M&S...they were giving out free fruity water haha. Then I had an hour long meeting with clients I wasn't sure would show up because not all of them accepted my meeting request! Well one did...one didn't receive it so I had to verbally inform him...and one just could not be found. Sometimes I think about my position and it's so crazy! I regularly have meetings with senior level management...and by this I mean Directors, AD's (Associate Directors), even Executive Directors! Most of them are old men. Then there's me...this little graduate. I'm getting along with my boss better...she's planning a trip to LA, Chicago and New York in July. I can't wait!! I am considerably less productive when she is not there. I saw Vera Drake at the Prince Charles theatre after work. On Mondays, movies are only a pound for members. Yippee! I had mixed feelings about the film; I found it a bit irritating in the middle.

Yesterday I met up with Andrea and Smitha who were passing through London on their way to Paris. It was nice to catch up...they're so hilarious! Then I met up with Sarah and we went to Mem and Laz...my new favourite restaurant lol. We had a three course meal; I had fried cheese for starters, grilled lamb, rice and salad for my main course, and homemade apricot and peach, crumble for dessert. SO yum.

On Saturday I went with Rachel to Canterbury. It was a really nice quaint little town. The cathedral was really pretty and it was interesting to learn about the history. We did a bit of shopping; I got some new curtains that are just GORGEOUS. It's kinda orangey and green, a crinkley material, made in India. It looks heaps better than my old curtains. We then walked to the castle ruins and this park where we found a whole bunch of used condoms scattered all over the grass. It was so disgusting. At least we know people in Canterbury practice safe sex...still...UGH.

On Friday I had lunch with Patrick. It was the second time I had seen him in 6 months. Our schedules are so crazy. Then after work I met up with Bally and we went to a burger joint called Tootsies that had amazing milk shakes. Mmhmm yummy in the tummy. We were going to see House of Wax but it was late so he decided to take me to the most haunted place in England. We got lost along the way and I fell asleep. I don't even remember what that place was called!

June 07, 2005


So I got some rechargeable batteries...and my crappy little radio works! Woohoo! The earphones that came with them were horrible...so I threw them out and plugged in my white apple earphones. Those little brats will probably try to steal my little portable device thinking it's an ipod now... People who own ipods replace their white earphones with normal ones so people don't know they have ipods. Then there's me with a crappy little radio and white earphones... I'd use something else but I don't have anything else. Oh well...at least I'll have entertainment on the bus now. :)

Today I went into a fcuk store and saw the shirt I bought from petticoat lane...it was 20 pounds! I got it for only 5 pounds. Yesss.

I bought a weekly bus pass yesterday without realizing that the one I had from the week before was still valid. So it overlapped by one day. The guy at the station wouldn't exchange it for me, even though it was an honest mistake. Booo.

what a day

I had a nice and easy day at work...I love it when my team leader isn't there! lol. My interview was ok...it was my first one in about 10 months. I met with three different people...separately. Which meant I had to explain everything three times. It took about 1.5 hours...not sure how I did. Don't feel superb about it, guess I'll find out in a few days. Sigh!

The life drawing course I wanted to take is full! Oh man...how disappointing. I tried looking for tap shoes after work, but all the dance stores were closed. Then I went to a slideshow on the Trans-Siberian Express...I am so excited, I really want to do it!! It's the longest train journey in the world, spans 7 timezones. It leaves from Moscow, though you can start your trip from St. Petersburg if you want...I would definitely start there...goes through Russia...it passes by the largest fresh water lake in the world, apparently its area is larger than this island I am currently on. It goes through Mongolia where 80% of the population still consists of nomads...and carries on into China following the great wall of China to Beijing. How cool is that?! Apparently Russia is the only country in the world where your visa is not only date specific, but it's also city specific; so if you say you're going to be in a specific city at a certain time you damn well better be!

Then I came home and found out one of my housemates has the mumps. I'm nervous...I hope I don't catch it from her!

June 05, 2005

Chapter One

Staying in London for the weekend is turning out to be just as costly as going away. Today me and Sarah checked out a couple of markets by Liverpool Street. We got some good deals at Petticoat; we bought musical soundtracks and pretty Indian sequin slippers. I managed to find a portable radio which will be handy as I take the bus everywhere now and can get reception (I have become a true londoner - no more tubes if I can help it) and a funky pink shirt. I really hope my radio works...I don't have any AAA batteries so I can't test it. I'm always a bit skeptical when I buy cheap things from markets. Then we sat through two really bad/cheese/disturbing movies. Mysterious Skin was disturbing and The Pacifier was cheese. I have a headache now...the everchanging weather in London does that to me sometimes.

Yesterday I finally uploaded my first batch of pics! My first trip this year, Dublin...it took me all morning. Yay! Then me and Karen went to see Blood Brothers which was pretty good. For some reason I thought their accent sounded Scottish...turns out it was Liverpool as my housemate kindly informed me haha. She played me a couple of tracks from the new musical Wicked which is currently in Broadway...they were amazing!

On Friday night me and Karen went to Brick Lane, had a fantastic Indian meal for so cheap! Then we checked out this designer fashion sale. I found a couple of tops I liked...I got a blue long sleeve shirt and this beautiful green silk one shoulder top for going out. They were really reasonably priced. I've been to a few other designer sales where the prices were still way out of my range. This one was just right!

Last week was pretty emotional for me...professionally and personally. I have been having issues with my team leader...I had a talk about it with my staff manager as well as a fellow colleague. There's no way around it...I'm going to have to talk to her. She's been bothering me for a while...I guess I feel unappreciated. I have been snowed under with work lately and it's really difficult to stay motivated when your boss sits right beside you and spends most of the time surfing the internet and making personal phone calls. Then she turns around and makes it seem like I am not putting in the effort and makes me feel bad about taking my lunch hour when I am fully entitled to it. It irks me that she is the team leader yet she knows the least about our system and the process/procedures. She is supposed to know them better than anyone, she's not supposed to ask us how things work. I am truly fed up. As soon as I returned from my trip last weekend, I started to apply for jobs immediately. In fact I already have an interview! It felt really good to be proactive...I talked to my staff manager about possibly switching projects or moving onto a different team but that seems to be tricky and difficult. There aren't too many opportunities in London...which most people find strange but that's my company. I don't want to commute. Also I have decided that I am not getting paid enough. I am getting the average graduate's salary...however people are still shocked when they find out what I am making. I need to find an in house position!

I finally told this shameless hussy what I thought of her...I can't stand outrageous flirts who pursue people that are already taken. It disgusts me. I hope karma brings them what they deserve. I have decided that although I have been unlucky in love...for a while now...something amazing is going to come my way. It's ying yang...something fantabulous is needed to balance all the crap I have been dealt with so far. I've spent two years on an unfaithful sham and the two years before that on a fickle pickle. No more says me.