May 23, 2005


I couldn't figure out why I wasn't tired...then I remembered. I had coffee earlier tonight. Sherry + Coffee at night or even late afternoon = bad. It was a very nice cup of coffee though. I had Caramel Latte...there was a leafy swirly thing imprinted in the foam. There was also live music that was very nice and soothing.

Here are my reviews:

Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller. It was terrif...the play was powerful and the acting absolutely superb. I was moved to tears more than once! The view from the first row wasn't so great, too many times a table would obstruct our view and we'd only see legs.

Hotel Rwanda. Everyone should see this movie. Enough said.

The Chorus. A french film about a teacher and his experiment to discipline troubled boys by making them sing in a choir. I really enjoyed it, it was so cute!. It reminded me of another film...can't remember what it's called tho.

May 21, 2005

Fun Day

I can't believe it's almost the end of May! Where has this month gone?! Yesterday Jo slept over; I made some yummy noodles and we watched Sweet Home Alabama, one of my favourite movies ever. She brought some cheesecake from M&S that were to die for! Then this morning we went down to Soho and managed to get tickets for Death of a Salesman for only 10 pounds (regularly 45 pounds...this is how I am able to feed my addiction to the theatre). We're in the first row so we'll probably be able to see Brian Dennehy's pores if we wanted to. My dentist appointment was cancelled, however this was not made known to me until I had made my way over to West London. Most annoying. Then I went up to Stokie and met up with Rach for lunch at this fantastic Turkish cafe. I checked out her place and we just chilled til I had to come back. Can't wait for tonight! After the play we are going to this Martini Mixer at the Canada House. It'll be my first time there. :)

May 09, 2005

Fast Paced Life

Man there is always something to do here...and I have trouble deciding which! Like this Wed: Jo has Orange Wednesdays which means two movie tickets for the price of one, so we usually see a movie every week. This week we are thinking about seeing the Edukators. LSE is having a Human Rights Public Debate that sounds SO interesting. The National Gallery is only open late on Wednesday nights, so if I ever want to go after work it would have to be a Wednesday. The Caravaggio exhibition is ending soon...I'm running out of time to see it! Ahh so many decisions...and whatever I choose to do I have to be home by 10 in time for Desperate Housewives! Speaking of Desperate Housewives...I managed to 'acquire' last week's episode. Can't wait to watch it!

I went to LSE after work today...walking around the Old Building, seeing the bulletin boards brought back memories of Queen's. Sometimes I miss school, and I've thought about going back. But unless it will really aid me in my career I'm not sure I will. It's still an option...I might have one less option now. I looked into getting a Highly Skilled Migrant Visa, and after some calculations I discovered I may not have enough points to get one! The only way I can qualify is if I get a higher paying job. So I might have to leave next crazy! My life is once again so very precarious. Maybe I'll go back home...or to the States... But now that I'm thinking about going home, I've realized that there's still so much I want to see here! Not that I've been slacking or anything...I've done quite a bit of travelling the past few months...but I know I won't be able to fit everything in. I don't think I would lead such a fast paced life anywhere else haha. The LSE lecture I went to tonight was quite good. I bought Fred Halliday's book '100 Myths About the Middle East'.

This past weekend was nice. I caught up with Karen and we went up to Highgate Village for lunch at a pub called Flask. Then I went with her to check out a flat cos she's looking to move again. We then caught Kingdom of Heaven which was ok. I fell I do. Then on Sunday I cleaned the house and went shopping with Jo. Shopping can be so exhaustive and frustrating here. You never find what you want. I never recall having such problems back home. And this whole peasant/Sienna Miller look...I just don't think it's me. A lot of the stuff in the stores right now are kinda ugly.

May 04, 2005

I Hate Waiting For Buses That Don't Come

Today I met up with Brice and Derek after work; they are here for a couple of days before they jet off to mainland europe. They looked like twins when I saw them...they both had on blue jeans and a black fleece...matching backpacks lol! It was nice to catch up...and to hear about what happened to other people we knew. They are staying with one of Brice's high school friends...I went with them to the apartment and it was SO nice. The location was fantastic too, but the rent was approximately ten times what I'm currently paying for my place. Sigh...I'm in the wrong field!!

So I got another rejection...from the same company. I guess getting rejected twice by the same company isn't AS bad as getting rejected by the same company on two different continents. Oh man...I need to start looking elsewhere...

I missed Desperate Housewives! *gasp* Tomorrow I am going to see the musical Far Pavilion. Should be cool!

May 03, 2005

Hurray for Electricity

So today I got off the bus and started to walk home...only to realize that the block I lived on was eerily dark. None of the streetlights were working and all the houses were dark. Scary! Turns out someone blew some sort of a fuse and it affected the whole block as everyone is connected. It got fixed though...about an hour later...thank goodness!!

Alex left early this morning to fly back home...I was sad. I miss him more than I thought I would. Work was dull, as usual. After work I met up with Sarah and we did some shopping. We spent about 2 hours in Top Shop lol...there were some good sales! I picked up a couple of tops which were quite reasonable. We went to Soho for dinner, a little place called the Stockpot. Cheap grub.

I really enjoyed my trip to Prague; it was more leisurely, unlike my other trips. The baroque architecture was lovely...I got to visit a concentration camp, and I ate a lot of sausages. I will write about it later when I have more time.