April 23, 2005


Oh my god! My housemate who lives above me has been stomping around and squeaking for the past 2 hours. I know the floors are really squeaky...this whole house is squeaky but can't he hear himself?? I mean I am quite aware of the noise and will try to step lightly or around spots that I know are prone to be squeaky so I do not disturb my housemates who live beneath me too much. Ahhhh!! And this is every morning! I do not need an alarm clock at 6 every morning that has no snooze button...who walks around that much anyway?!

I don't really want to say anything...because maybe it'll get weird and change the friendly vibe. Sigh...I guess with everything there is the good and the bad....

April 22, 2005

Workin' Hard

I'm tired, what a week! Work has definitely been interesting, and not in the good sense. Our project has undergone a few process changes, most of which I am not happy with. People we have to work with are difficult and stubborn; if they would just try to cooperate things could be a whole lot simpler. My team leader was even thinking of quitting! She beat me to it lol. I updated and jazzed up my CV yesterday. It took me the whole night! But now it's done, and I can start applying to other companies. Nate's going to refer me to his company...he also said he would help me with my CV...not that this has anything to do with the 10% he'll get if I land the job lol.

I had lunch with a couple of colleagues who work in another building. One of them is a new grad as well and he has already landed another job elsewhere. Apparently everyone on their floor is applying to jobs. There is no loyalty to my company at all! And I don't blame them...one of the guys told me that they don't mind when people leave, because they will just hire someone else in India and pay them a fraction of what they have to pay workers here. People are bitter because they are promised payrises/bonuses but never see them. My financial advisor...yes I have a financial advisor lol! I recently switched banks because my current one refuses to give me a credit card, but I digress. My financial advisor told me that the inflation rate in London is 3%. So every year when people don't see any payrise, they are in fact making less than the previous year. How sad eh!

April 14, 2005


My mini ipod was stolen by some stupid kid on a bike today. I had it in my hand and the next thing I know it's gone! I thought he knocked it to the ground but I looked around and saw nothing. Then I looked up and saw him pedalling away, looking back at me. That's when it sank in; I tried to run after him but he was too fast. He turned a corner and was gone. I walked around dumbfounded...and sad. It had sentimental value...that was a christmas present from my parents. Sigh! The kids here are absolutely horrible...seriously. Then my housemate and I saw police people walking around our area...it was all very eerie. Today in the Metro I read that some terrorists had been making deadly poison to spread around an area that was a little too close to where I live. So scary!!

April 10, 2005


I finally got a haircut! For the past few months, everytime I looked in the mirror I thought: 'I need a haircut'. So I did something about it today! I went out to zone 3 in west london...I was almost at Heathrow. My friend recommended the salon, and it was economical (for Londona anyway). So I got my layers redone...and I now have fringes! They're long and only on one side haha.

There was a bug in my room just now. Anyone who knows me would be so proud. I pulled out a book and prepared myself for battle. With my heart pumping, I held my ground and swung mightily at it. I couldn't get it however, so I opened my door and tried to shoo it outside instead. I don't see it anymore, so hopefully it's gone.

A card that someone who was very dear to my heart gave me just fell off my wall. It's a sign; yes I do believe in signs. I remember in third year, my ex had given me this little bag of sand from Cancun which was where he went for spring break. I kept it on my shelf, and one day it fell off and broke. Sand went everywhere and the little seashells in the bag tumbled out. That was the biggest sign if there ever was one. Me and him never did get back together.

My fabulous fabulous housemate spent the last hour helping me put together my chest of drawers. It's almost done, the back just needs to be nailed in. It was too late so decided to finish tomorrow lest we wake up any angry neighbours. I'm so happy! I can't wait to move it into my room, it looks SO much better than the little one I have right now.

Anyway, I need to catch some zZz's so I can get to work on time.

P.S. I just want to say...people suffering from hangovers do not get any sympathy from me. Their misery is self-inflicted!!

April 09, 2005


The Italian Show was awesome! We tasted wine, salami and cheese, went to two cooking demonstrations and a cooking class! We made Pici pasta from scratch...literally just water, flour and an egg! It's apparently very old and very Tuscan. We also learned how to make Pesto!! YUM :D The Italian chefs were all so gregarious...the Celebrity Chef we saw, Gennaro Contaldo was SUCH a hoot! And they make everything look so easy!

This is my first weekend in London in a month! Next weekend I am going to Berlin...should be a good time. It's nice to relax and do nothing. I actually have a lot of organising and cleaning up to do, but I've been procrastinating a bit. Watching a little Gilmore Girls...and deleting them because I am running out of space on my hard drive.

It's been more than a month since I've moved in. My wardrobe needed to be replaced BADLY...it was tipping over and the doors wouldn't close. It's probably older than me! I hadn't unpacked my gargantuan suitcase cos I didn't want to move everything twice. My housemate said he would contact the landlady and ask if we could get it replaced. So I waited and waited...and waited...and no replacement came. He couldn't get in touch with her. I said f*ck it and ordered it from Argos on Wednesday night, and it came yesterday morning! I was so excited, I feigned a sore throat to get out of my team drinks. But when I got home and opened the box, I nearly cried! I hate DIY...my brother and my dad always put together our IKEA stuff. Thank goodness my housemates offered to help...we were a bit short on tools. I had to use the end of a screwdriver as a hammer but it all worked out. I managed to move my old wardrobe out of my room today and drag the new one in. By myself. I feel like such a strong independent woman! LOL! I also bought a chest of drawers...that still needs to be assembled.

April 05, 2005

National Anthems

I saw National Anthems with Jo after work today. I thought it was pretty good. The critics didn't though...they gave it 0 out of 5 stars lol. It got pretty intense near the end of the play! We had amazing seats...second row centre. I could see the lines on his face haha.

I don't know how it happened, but I have managed to completely fill my schedule for the rest of this week! Tomorrow night I am going to see Maria Full of Grace with Jo. It looks really good. Then on Thurs I am going with a few mates to The Original Acoustic Night at the Ginglik which is part of the Hammersmith and Fulham Festival. On Friday I have team drinks. I don't particularly like going to those, but I figure I shouldn't be too anti-social. Me and Jo are going to La Dolce Vita on Saturday, which is a festival on Italy. I'm looking forward to the cooking classes, they sound like fun! I haven't decided yet if I want to go out on Saturday night...and Sunday I will probably just relax, maybe do some shopping...

Today my team leader pulled me into a meeting room and asked me all these questions about what happened and how I felt over the weekend...why I couldn't come in yesterday...I was really starting to get nervous. Turns out she's worried about my health, so for the remainder of this week she says I can come in at 10:30 instead of 9 AM. Woohoo!!

April 04, 2005

A Vacation from Vacation

I can't believe how crazy and hectic the past few weeks have been. Seriously, I need a vacation from my vacations! I intend on doing absolutely nothing this coming weekend and I am so looking forward to it!

Edinburgh was a lot of fun too. It was gorgeous as well and very easy to get to know. Our schedule was pretty jam packed; we only saw Edinburgh Castle cos we didn't have time to see any other castles or palaces. We went to the Museum of Scotland, Mary King's close which is this street that is now buried beneath the city, the Scotch Whiskey Centre; we also went on a haunted ghost tour that took us into this tomb where poltergeist activities were known to happen. It was scary, Edinburgh is supposed to be the most haunted city in Europe. We went on a Haggis day trip out to Loch Lomond and Loch Katrine. It was so nice, we even took a little hike. We also passed by Stirling and the Wallace Monument. Our tour guide was hilarious. The weather was atmospheric, a wee bit dramatic lol. The food was good...yes I tried Haggis. I also had some Scottish beer and whisky. The guesthouse we stayed at was really nice, we had a triple room. But the owner was quite rude, we were quite indignant by the end. My friend Sarah wrote a review which pretty much sums up what happened.

Dublin was nice too. I stayed with my friend Thomas and it was nice to catch up. He lived in an area where grown men will cross the street if they see a group of 10 year olds lol. We went to Trinity College and saw the book of Kells, stopped by St. Stephen's Green and the Shelbourne Hotel, took a quick walk through the largest mall in Dublin at Dundrum and had dinner at Johnnie Fox's . I also went to St. Patrick's, Christ Church Cathedral and Dublin Castle. We went to Temple Bar at night and I had Guinness! There was a fun fair which Thomas was really excited about. We went on this spinny ride which usually lasts about a minute but because there weren't that many people there in the afternoon it lasted about 3 minutes. I guess we got our moneys worth but my tummy didn't feel too good afterwards. Oh and we saw Oscar Wilde's house which was cool!

So far April is looking to be just as crazy as March...