March 05, 2005

North London Girl

I moved into my new flatshare today. So far it seems ok...except for my wardrobe which is practically falling down but hopefully the landlord will replace it soon. I'm still getting used to the area. My friend Rachel met me here after I had settled in and she had picked up mail from her old flat...we tried to find some pub grub but was unsuccessful. We ended up at this Chinese restaurant that had blue lighting and oversized fish in a smoky tank that didn't seem big enough.

I stayed with a friend last week in West London. It was nice, I like that area...Kensington, Hammersmith, Fulham. IF I move again (please god don't let me have to move again) I will definitely consider moving to West London. It doesn't take me that long to get to work...although District is one of the most unreliable lines. Speaking of the London is so friggin annoying. Trains are more likely to be delayed than not...there is always construction going least one trainline or part of one is always down...not all stations have escalators so if you have luggage it's a royal pain to have to drag it up and down the bazillion flights of's smells bad...and in the summer it can get quite suffocating as there's no air con. room is a bit cold. There is a cold draft coming from my window. :( At least my duvet is warm.