February 18, 2005

The Move

It will happen. Soon. Very soon. My landlady found someone to move in on the 26th, which is next Friday. I've been frantically trying to flat hunt. I may have found a place in North London...met the housemates and they all seem nice. It's a pretty international crowd. The only issue I have is with the bathrooms...there is only 1.5 that's one full bathroom plus one separate toilet for 5 people. It could be tricky...but doable. I mean I lived in a hostel sharing a bathroom with 15 other people for a whole summer! The rent is super cheap...so I'd be able to save some money. And it's close to Highgate and Hampstead, which are supposed to be really nice. Hmm decisions decisions...

My friends here have been pretty amazing...really supportive. They've offered to help me move and to let me crash at their place if I need to. Seriously having good friends makes all the difference in the world...the few that I have here haha. My friends back home are pretty amazing too. Julie made me a winnie the pooh cross-stitch for my birthday, it's so cute! I have it sitting beside my monitor at work and looking at it makes me smile. I just got a package from Karen today...she sent me the latest Oprah magazine haha (she loves Oprah) and the sweetest bookmark. Awww =)

Flathunting has been taking up all my time. I took tonight off for myself cos I was feeling so overwhelmed. I really need to pack and clean. Can't wait til this is all over...then I can start living my life! I have so many things I want to do, I feel like my life is so unbalanced right now. I haven't taken a dance class in ages...I want to volunteer...become a trustee for a charity...take some classes for fun...read and write more...join a choir...go shopping lol. I also need to start planning some trips!! My friend Thomas is in Ireland and I said I'd go visit him. I saw him last weekend when he was in town...always nice to see a familiar face. Me and Jo are thinking of going to Rome for Easter! That should be fun... Olivia's coming to Europe tomorrow! Hopefully we'll get to meet up somewhere!

February 06, 2005

Pigeons are Stupid

I got shat on by a pigeon. This happened not in Trafalgar Square but in an underground station!! It was horrible and if it had happened to someone else I probably would've laughed, but I could not run to the toilet fast enough. Why do they go to the loo when they're in flight anyway?! Another reason for me to not like them. They are constantly flying up in my face and just generally annoying me with their very existence. Ugh!

I finally saw Meet the Fockers tonight. The movies here are so behind North America. I remember watching Vanity Fair back in September and it just recently came out here. Anyway it was pretty funny haha. A guy did that 'I see you' thing to me at a bar last week, except at the time I had no clue where it was from and I thought he was nuts.

The Lion King

I'm going to see it on Tues!! Yippee!! I'm so excited...every time I think about it, The Circle of Life starts playing in my head.


I have decided to move. I cannot live with someone who brings such a negative energy to my life. She is one of the most unpleasant and miserable people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. This time I need to be really picky not only about where I'm living, but also who I'm living with. I'm going to see my friend Sarah's new place tomorrow. There might be a room becoming available there soon so I'm going to check it out. But it's not really close to a tube station and she lives with an Irish mom. We'll see...I have to call a few places too. No more procrastinating!

Yesterday me and Jo went to the Burberry outlet. I got a few things for my family haha. The clothes there were wack. Then we went to Primark which was on the opposite side of town. I'll definitely have to go back there after I move and pick up a few things. I got two pairs of fleece gloves for a pound! They have cute PJ sets for four pounds!

February 05, 2005

The Drinking Culture Here...

I just cannot keep up! Thursday night I went out with a few colleagues to this tsunami fundraiser concert put on by my colleague's friend. It was a good laugh. People do very funny things when they're pissed. I sipped on Archer's all night, my colleague's husband kept coming over with them. I had four which was quite a bit for me considering I usually only have one or two. Still I was called a lightweight! Grrr...oh well I am. I was told that North Americans on a whole drink a lot less than people here...if the British went over there and drank the way they did here, people would think they had a problem. But I don't know...I think they just have more pubs here. Practically every street corner has one. And they're thinking about implementing a new law that allows people to drink around the clock. Seriously! *rolls eyes*

I met up with a couple of girlfriends last night and we were supposed to go this bar that looked really cool. But it turned out to be a gay bar...not that I have anything against them, but after my experience at G.A.Y. in soho I was not too keen. So we ended up at this other bar called Pitcher and Piano.