December 31, 2004

Christmas Pressies

What I got this year...

- my pink ipod mini!
- a black shoulder bag and a red backpack purse thing
- american eagle eau de toilette
- victoria's secret sweet temptation cos remembered! =)
- a swarovski swan crystal...very pretty
- a box of hedgehogs...yum!
- some hair accessories
- a picture frame
- a yellow and green jumper...which sadly I will probably never wear
- a blue guess sweater
- a brown shirt that says 'peace'
- a chapters gift card
- spending money!

So nothing too weird. Phew =)

December 29, 2004


I've been home for nearly a week now. Times goes by so fast! Spending heaps of time with family and relatives...Christmas was one big family affair. Haven't even seen any of my friends yet. I see a lot of my cousins once a year...around this time of year usually. And every year we all get older...but sometimes I forget. I was talking with a couple of them the other day and I said something about them still being kids...they were like 'I'm a teenager!' (she's 13) 'And I'm a pre-teen!' (she's 12) I was like...oh.

One of my cousins got proposed to on Christmas day! So I'm next in line to um 'settle down'. That's great. Especially since my personal life seems to be such a disaster at the moment.

I love my ipod mini. I wish I had a sock for it though... it's loads of fun and it's so lovely! I'm sorting through my CD collection to find my favourite songs.

December 22, 2004

So this is Christmas...

Today was my last day at work...for this year anyway. Yippee!! I'm flying home tomorrow, cannot wait! I've been doing loads of Christmas shopping. The shops have been crazy...I went down to Oxford Street last night (the busiest shopping street in Europe) and Covent Garden which is always lovely.

I've moved into my new flat. It takes me less time to get to work I'm not as late as I used to be haha. My team leader treated me to lunch yesterday, we went to a bar called Mansion House Colony. I had the Chorizo Risotto (YUM) and the toffee pudding for dessert. I had some red wine too...which was probably not the best idea. Our lunch break turned out to be three hours long. After I got back, one of my colleagues was like 'You look all flushed'. I was like, 'Um it's the cold!' She's like 'Mmhmm.'

Today as I was leaving work, one of my colleagues said something about me seeing a moose. Then he asked if there were penguins in Canada?! LOL. Sometimes people say the strangest things to me. I remember the first time I met Nate he kept talking about baby seals. But then I tend to talk about kangaroos when I'm around aussies. Apparently they shoot them, cos they're considered pests down under. One of my ex-flatmates used to...but he was from the country. I've been told that people who live in cities don't really partake in that.

December 17, 2004


My life has been too hectic lately. I have too many social engagements...when did I become so popular?! It's cos it's Christmas...and some of my friends are going back I had to move this week --> no time to breathe! I'm finally checking out of my flat...moving has been a pain. I took a half day today...cos I seriously had no time to move the past few nights. I told my manager that I was sick...and then I really became sick! I was nauseous all afternoon...I think it must've been that dodgy sushi I had last night.

So what have I been up to...yesterday I went to a Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall with Sandra. It was very lovely. The night before I went for a Christmas dinner with fellow Canadians at the Maple Leaf, which is a pub in Covent Garden. The food was crap but I met some cool people...and saw some familiar faces. Andrea stayed with me for a few days...she returned from backpacking for 7 weeks all around Europe. We did some shopping on the weekend...I finally got boots!!

I'm going home next week!!! Cannot wait!! =)

December 09, 2004


iPod Flash? Cookie iPod? First time I've heard of it. TheMacMind apparently has pictures! This always happens to me...everytime I get something from Apple, something newer/faster/cheaper comes out straight away. As soon as fuzz was delivered to me back in the spring, the processor for 12" iBook G4s got bumped up to 1 GHz. I still love fuzz though. And I'm sure I'll love my iPod mini!! Speaking of iPods...they have socks now. Cute eh!

December 08, 2004


Went to see The Forgotten today after work...was pretty good. I jumped a few times and even screamed!

Sigh I hate being sick...need to get better soon. I'm moving out next week...going home in two weeks...and I have loads of plans in between. So much fun to be had! But I need to not feel like crap in order to enjoy any of it.

December 06, 2004

Den Haag

I'm sent home from work early today cos I was so sick.

The weekend was fantastic...except for me getting sick and us getting harrassed by annoying guys. I flew out of City Airport Friday morning to Rotterdam, then got picked up at the airport by Karen's taxi driver. It was the first time I had someone waiting for me outside the arrival gate holding my name on a sign! Hehe. The taxi ride to the Hague was approximately half an hour...I got to the hotel (which by the way was absolutely amazing...Karen is living THE life...even though she doesn't think so), dropped my bag off...then headed into town to do some sightseeing! The peace palace was was Binnenhof (their Parliament) but I got to see the exterior and the view of Binnenhof from across the pool was gorgeous. Then I went to Mauritshuis where they were having an exhibition on Fabritius. It was good...I saw Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. We had dinner at this Thai restaurant, where I had my first duck curry!

The next day we took a train out to Brussels for the Christmas market. It was pretty big, spread out over several parts of the city. Brussels was very very lovely...I would love to go back. Grand Place was really pretty with all the lights and the Christmas trees. We saw Manneken Pis too haha...the statue of the little boy going to the loo. He was dressed up when we saw him in the afternoon, but when we went back at night he was naked again. We didn't go skating cos it was too cold...but we did do some Christmas shopping there. Then we had moules et frites (mussels and fries) for dinner before catching a train back to den Haag.

The next day we went to the Escher museum. It was absolutely brilliant, I really enjoyed it. After dinner I had to catch a flight back to London.

December 02, 2004


I have betrayed my beloved...I went out tonight and I not only marvelled at the beauty of another but I played with it as well. I couldn't help myself! That's right, I finally saw the G4 powerbooks in the new Apple store that just opened on Regent Street. It was seriously gorgeous...I'm ashamed to say I may even have forgotten about fuzz for a minute or two. I am thinking about upgrading my RAM...when I was ordering fuzz people kept telling me to max out my RAM but I was like...nah when I really need it I can always upgrade. Well I have seen the difference and I need it. :/ I also saw the mini ipods!!! Ahhhhh LOVES it.

Tomorrow morning I fly to the Hague. =) Can't wait.