November 30, 2004


Went to see this movie after work. It's so cool when I see movies that were filmed here and I know exactly where all the landmarks are. I can picture each location perfectly in my head.

I think I may have found a flat! Well a room in a flatshare. It's a three-bedroom house and close to a DLR station that goes straight to Bank station where I work. It won't be as convenient to get to the other tube lines but it's close to Canary Wharf. I'm going to see it again tomorrow just to be sure but I think I will most likely take it. It's slightly under my budget! Looks like I won't be moving in with Karen which is too bad. We were going to get a flat together, but getting a two-bedroom would be too expensive and sorting out the bills would be complicated cos she's only here on the weekends.

November 29, 2004

Pear Shaped

Last night I went to the Ivy with some mates. We booked it two months ago, so we had been anticipating it for a while. I had the Crispy Duck and Watercress Salad which was really nice...Crab Bisque which was not as nice...and a chocolate pudding souffle which was YUM. The service wasn't that great and we didn't see any celebs (maybe we did but just didn't recognize them!) but it was a good time. =)

This morning I woke up with a sore throat. Went to the bathroom to find ice cold water running from the tap. The hot water tank wasn't working AGAIN. It's been breaking down almost every other day...most irritating. I had a sneaking suspicion when I woke up feeling a bit chilly cos the hot water tank also provides our heat. So I boiled some hot water, mixed it with the ice cold, splashed the resulting warm water on my face, got dressed and left for work. Halfway to work, I realized that I had forgotten my ID which I needed to enter my building. I called my team leader in panic and thank goodness she told me I could just get a temporary pass from the pass office.

My day was pretty busy...didn't have my lunch break until 3 pm! Usually I have it at 12 cos I get hungry around then. The new guy who just joined the project came over to our building and helped me figure out what was wrong with this excel form that had been broken for weeks. Turns out the file was corrupted. We managed to extract the data and now the form is on the intranet again working finally!

Went to look at a flat tonight...sigh. Flat hunting is so frustrating. I'm moving out in about two weeks. Can't do any searching this weekend cos I'm off to the Netherlands. It's hard to look at flats during the week...

November 25, 2004

Face to Face

Today my company held a meeting for everyone who worked on the two accounts here in London. It was mainly to inform us of how the company was doing, reiterate the company's objectives and to bring us 'face-to-face' with other people who worked on the same account but never met due to the fact that we're so spread out across several buildings. Everyone had to RSVP in advance, however they still somehow failed to provide enough chairs so half of the people had to sit on these tables at the back or stand. I got this little corner of a table and it was not comfortable at all. Plus the room was hot and stuffy. After an hour and a half I nearly fell asleep. My team leader laughed at me afterwards cos she said I looked like I was about to fall off the table at one point.

Tomorrow morning flat-hunting starts...bright and early at 8 AM. I'm going to check out this flat close to where I currently live before I head off to work. Great way to start a Friday eh.

November 23, 2004

New Blog

Yes I have moved...again.

I've decided not to keep my domain...sad I know. But I don't have time to work on my website anyway. And in a few months time I'll be 23! I can't keep being Princess Fuzzyland.