July 31, 2006

google spreadsheet

I was playing around with it earlier today. It's a little slow, and it doesn't have the same functionalities as excel. But the fact that it's saved online, and can be updated from any computer by anyone...well anyone you choose to give access to - that's pretty cool. I approve :)

July 30, 2006

who cares

So last week, the only thing radio stations talked about was madonna's toilet seat demands. Apparently she needs a brand new toilet seat at every concert, and it has to have an unbroken seal which is inspected by her people. Hmm ok. Aren't there better things people could talk about? Things that deserve more attention? Like all the atrocities that are still happening in the world...?

celebration of light

I have finally unpacked my last suitcase. Yippee! As much as I try to stay on top of things, sometimes they just slip by...and you don't notice until a whole month has gone and all of a sudden you're like, whoa why didn't I do that three weeks ago! I hate procrastinating, but sometimes it just happens...accidentally.

There is never enough time in a day. I've been sleeping less lately. There's that saying:
don't believe all you hear, don't spend all you have, don't sleep all you want. I should add to that, don't eat all you want haha. So I have finally lost all the extra padding I gained over the winter. I've never really been too conscious about my food intake in the past, but I think I really went overboard earlier this year with super large portions of pasta and boxes of chocolate.

Last night we went to see the fireworks down at English Bay. Got there around 5, which was too early. You can get there at 8 and still be able to find a place to sit. I took a walk to second beach which was really nice. There were people parked along the water pretty much the whole way. The show last night was put on by China, and although they didn't use a lot of different colours, the effects were quite spectacular. I like the ones that are so big they seem like they're going to fall on you. During the day, we went to Taste of the City down at Plaza of Nations. I had this pesto marinated lamb chop which was yum. The venue was too crowded though; I wonder if they had anticipated such a big turnout! I've been to a similar thing in London and it wasn't that crazy, though you had to pay to get into that one and it was spread out over 3 days instead of just one.

July 25, 2006

marshmallow & tigger

just hanging out...

July 24, 2006

my dog is cuter than your dog

Fabulous weather = super hot. Not a cloud in the clear blue sky...twas gorgeous...BUT super hot.

Julie arrived late Thurs night...after sleeping in and being woken up by cute-as-a-button marshmallow, we made our way to Lonsdale Quay and had lunch by the water. Then I took Julie to Gastown to check out the steam clock and gassy Jack. After a stroll down Robson... wandering in and out of the many shoe stores, we had a yummy dinner at Zefferelli's.

We watched a beautiful sunset at English Bay... sigh I love sunsets! Esp when the sky is filled with a myriad of colours. How lovely is this: I like the silhouette of those biker dudes on the rocks.

We spent Sunday at Stanley Park. The tall, ancient trees provided shade for us and the gentle breeze from the water kept us cool...for a while. Then we turned a corner...and walked into the blasting sun. We wanted to take the shuttle back to the entrance, but had to walk all the way to Third Beach for the next stop. The view from the seawall was gorgeous though...it was my first time walking along it. I'm definitely coming back here to rollerblade and bike! We saw loads of people walking their dogs...none as cute as marshmallow though hehe.

It was great catching up with Julie...it's funny to think we've been friends for 6 years now! I keep saying this, but it's crazy how time flies!

July 19, 2006

come on weekend, be here already!

So I've taken on a temp job for a couple of weeks...to earn some extra moolah...and to pay for my flight back to England! I just booked it for the end of Sept. I'm going back to do grad school. Quite looking forward to it actually...at the end of fourth year I was so sick of school, but after two years of working I think I'm ready to be a student again. :)

My friend Julie is coming to visit me from T-dot tomo! I haven't seen her in two years...so crazy how time flies. It's her first time here so I'll have to show her the sites. After this summer I think I'll become a bona fide tour guide haha.

The weather in Vancouver is looking fabulous this weekend! Hellooo beach...I'll have to remember to bring my shades. :D

July 13, 2006

my favourite summer song

It's pretty good, the wine
The way that we look at
Ten to eight in the morning
Just talking, still awake in
Dawn and dew drinking, thinking

Remembering the laughs, the time
We got high for seven days down
In New Orleans and it seemed like
No one else knew we were just
The moon and sun in fog before the
Heat burned it away and took
The sleep from tired heads on
Beds of reaching hands, of road trip
Breath and long tall freedom

And then you long
For the days of trippin' down
The long road just reading the
Signs that show you the way to
A higher place you meditate to
Feel the quiet of the earth
That was back
When we used to be alright

Another shame, the way
The city smells worse on
A hot day in August...2 PM
Right before us good movers
Move and us shakers break
Our hearts getting home to
Country love and the garbage
Dump by the dried up creek
Near the forest that once had life
And then I turn on the news
Somebody shoot me soon
I'm tired of over heating, falling
Quick to bending knees and
Broken veins, of always needing
Faith to get to shore and break
All the vows I've made

No time or presence
Of mind to wonder why
No time for questions of
Why I wonder why
Something's wrong...again
The noise shakes the ground
There's a rage in
The crowd and I'm a face
In the crowd, what's your name?
You're sinkin' in the sand
Standing next to me, a river
Running through your pants, afraid
To trust me when my hands
Are helping you